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The Place We Have Never Remembered, 2018
Inkjet on vinyl, LED steel lightboxes
Set of 2: 80 x 244.5 x 44 cm (installation size) 80 x 120 x 6 cm (each)
Edition: 3



它本身沒有承載任何自身意 義,而途經的人也習慣閱讀而非真正觀看這些地方。


Non-place refers to the urban space which can neither be defined as relational, historical nor does it concern with its identity. It includes facilities or places for transportation of humans or freight.

A motorway is a kind of non-place. The function of the motorway has always been merely space for people to travel from one place to another, and the motorway itself does not carry any extra value in particular. Pedestrians would often pass by the motorway without giving this urban space a second thought. The work creates a representation of everyday but unrealistic space, by capturing and manipulating the motorway in the urban through photography.

The work held within the Academy of Visual Art Studies Collection.

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