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My Grandma,

Inkjet print / Photobook
Set of 3: 42 x 29.7 cm each (print) / 17.6 x 20.6 cm (photobook)

在一次嫲嫲教授我製作蘿蔔糕的過程中, 我為嫲嫲拍下了第一張記錄著我跟她的相片。 透過攝影,我記錄我跟嫲嫲相處的時間,刻劃出我眼中的嫲嫲。

My grandma once taught me how to make turnip cakes, then I took the first photo of us together, for her. I record the time I spend with my grandma through photography, it tells my vision of her.

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